"Another Dream Come True" Song

"Songs Of Light" Music CD By Ed Lemberger

"Another Dream Come True"


©1983 Words & Music by Edward J. Lemberger

Esayian Publishing (BMI). All Rights Reserved.


Verse 1:

Every day a million dreamers dream a million dreams

I thought that mine were lost among those of the lonely crowd

But every day a miracle comes down to save a few

That’s when I found you

Another dream come true


Another dream come true

Another wish granted to one more lonely dreamer

I have found a miracle in you.

Another dream come true.

Verse 2:

Like a grain of sand cast out upon an endless sea

I was one among millions

How could love find me?

But those of wisdom know that in a dream, powers grow

Look at me and you… Another dream come true


Do you know someone who needs some inspiration?

Let them know that as ones beliefs take hold

The greatest dreams unfold…